Our foundation aims to reach multidimensional aspects of the society and hence create a diverse scope for us to work on.

  1. Education and research sector:
  • We focus to improvise and encourage quality education, research and faculty development in different government educational institutes on political philosophies, international relations, Buddhism, culture and tourism resources, sociology, etc.


  1. Health sector:
  • Our foundation works on improving the health sector by conducting health camps and programs and contributing as experts in them.


  1. Tourism sector:
  • Realizing the prospects of tourism in Nepal, our foundation focuses on advancement and development of tourism with the help of concerned experts.


  1. Human resource sector:
  • Technical manpower production and development and increase in youth initiations comes under the agendas of our foundation.


  1. Government sector:
  • We help the local and provincial governments to mobilize and manage the financial and natural resources by conducting programs that flourishs local participation.


  1. Political sector:
  • We focus on involving youths in political areas and created positive attitude towards communist philosophies.