• To organize programs and conduct seminars in the arena of politics, sociology, economy, international relations, diplomacy, law, information technology, culture, literature and many more.
  • To organize programs that strengthen relations between governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • To organize training programs for production of skilled and qualified manpower.
  • To provide aid and service to local, provincial and central government in planning policies, mobilizing resources and fostering sustainable development tactics.
  • To organize programs that uplifts marginalized group of people.
  • To provide help in developing literature, art, culture, music and social traditions in the society.
  • To publish journals value by accommodating articles of science, politics, arts and culture, information technology, international relations, governance, local participation etc.
  • To organize programs in local, national and international level by collaborating with foreign government, NGOs, INGOs, IGOs, NPOs etc.
  • To work and strive to develop as a think tank to strengthen country’s foreign policy and international relations.